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Popular inns in the Berkshires

There are all types of cute inns in the Berkshires, so you have a lot of different options for your fall weekend getaways. However, ignore those large inns and big chains and stick with something small. The experience will be much more enjoyable and you’ll get more personal attention. Skip those crazy weekend getaway ideas and stick with something you know will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. These popular inns in the Berkshires are ideal romantic weekend getaways for any couples looking for a break from their routine. Get out of the city and enjoy some fun cultural activities while enjoying the changing New England foliage.

One pastime for those enjoying fall weekend getaways is called leaf peeping. Maps will show you where to go for the best spots, but it’s not a very well-known activity. Most people know where to go and don’t necessarily need leaf peeping maps, but if it’s your first trip to see the New England foliage, give the map a try. It will show you the most scenic drives and the best route to take if you really want to see rich, lush colors on the leaves. Fall is a beautiful season, but New England really captures the serenity and beauty better than anywhere else.

Romantic weekend getaways

Celebrate an anniversary in the Berkshires this year. Get the privacy you crave with your partner while you’re tucked away at a quiet little bed and breakfast in the Berkshire Hills. These fall weekend getaways don’t come around as often as you’d like, so bypass the impersonal chain hotels and crazy vacation spots this year. Make your anniversary or weekend away something special.

Cute inns in the Berkshires are ideal for a quiet trip with your partner. You can enjoy a private weekend away and take in a show, a concert, or a trip to the museum. If you are interested in leaf peeping, maps can be provided, as mentioned. Select the most scenic drive and enjoy the experience. There is nothing in the world like the changing New England foliage, especially right at the start of the season. The colors are brilliant and if you are a photographer, the pictures you capture will serve as beautiful memories of your weekend away.

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